Friday, March 26, 2010


It's been a rough week somehow, starting with the brutal snap back to reality Sunday night that signaled the end of E's and my spring breaks. I stayed up far too late doing schoolwork I put off all week in favor of sunshine and fancy home-cooked meals, and never seemed to recover. Of course, for the last 3 days I've gotten up in the way-too-early post-dawn haze to get to 2 different internships, which didn't help. And, to add insult to injury, when my alarm went off each morning, the cat was in mega-cuddle mode and E got to keep snoozing for at least another hour -- at least, when he wasn't complaining about my hair dryer waking him up.

But here we are on Friday afternoon! I am currently counting down the minutes until I can leave internship #2, which I just started yesterday. I'll be here a day and a half per week through May, and this one even pays a wee bit! The office has been in a crisis over issues not related to my arrival, though, so I have kind of been neglected. I haven't had much work to do, and yesterday I didn't find out where the restroom was until after 5 pm, when everyone was leaving! Luckily I have a bladder of steel. They have promised that next week things will be less crazy and they will have more time to devote to me, so I am holding out hope that this will be a valuable experience.

This weekend will involve sleeping til at least 8 am, going to the new laundromat that has free WiFi (I have been hoping for this magical combination of laundry facilities and interwebs for a very long time), and hopefully brunch at a Cuban restaurant we've wanted to try since we moved here. Really, though, I just want a Cuban sandwich. It's also the end (I think?) of the NCAA Basketball tournament, so I'll have many hours to do schoolwork while E is glued to the TV. Reading and papers and discussion questions, oh my!

Oh, and if you were wondering, I didn't make it out to see the elephants Monday night. The wind and rain were enough to keep me from making the trek. NEXT YEAR, THOUGH, NO MATTER WHAT, especially because I will know about it more than 12 hours in advance.

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