Friday, March 12, 2010

In the kitchen

Lately, I've been thinking pretty much exclusively of kitchens and workspaces when it comes to home decorating. We don't have a "real" kitchen, but rather a stove, sink and fridge on a stretch of wall in our living/dining room, which we've augmented with an IKEA kitchen cart. It works, but it doesn't work, and pretty much my only requirement for when we move (in over a year) is a real kitchen. With more than 2 cabinets, and with counter space!

Speaking of kitchens, I've been experimenting in ours. Mostly with cookies. I have been adapting my perennial favorite cookie recipe: Rocky Road Cookies! The recipe as written comes out perfect every time -- moist, caramelly sweet and the perfect chewy/crunchy combination. I made them last week and didn't have nuts or white chocolate chips, and the resulting chocolate chip-marshmallow combo was much appreciated by the people with whom I shared. Last night I was looking in the cabinets and realized we had graham crackers, chocolate chips, and mini marshallows, which made me want s'mores. So, I tried to adapt the rocky road cookie recipe to make s'mores cookies, which didn't really work since the broken up graham crackers just kind of got subsumed into the batter. Next time I'd try it with larger chunks, or even place the batter on top of a square of graham cracker on the cookie sheet before baking.  The little tiny bits did add a nice graham cracker sweetness to the cookies, though!

Additionally: Why yes, I do plan to change my header to something cheesy related to whatever seasonal holiday is fast approaching at any given moment throughout the year. Thanks for asking!

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