Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Day

It's been snowing since sometime Wednesday night, and the city is clogged up enough today that E and I both have snow days today! Fun! Unfortunately, I still have a lot to get done today, but it's so hard to make myself buckle down when it's supposed to be an unplanned day off. I think we're going to brave the snow in a bit to get some Chinese food, and then cuddle up with a movie to while away some of the afternoon.

This is actually a photo from the last snowstorm we got a few weeks ago. You know, about a month ago, E and I were talking about how mild and dry our first New York winter had been so far. The snow that's been dumped on us since then sure puts that to rest. I took that picture (with my cell phone -- technology!) on Columbia's campus, which was blanketed in a positively beautiful layer of snow. Unfortunately those brick walkways get pretty slippery when covered in slush, though, and while I didn't fall myself, I got to watch a lot of folks end up on their butts.

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