Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Nails!

In case you don't have panicked Northeasterners anywhere in the far reaches of your social circle, we're expecting a bit of snow around these parts. Last I checked the forecast, they were promising 10-18 inches over the course of tomorrow, which is fun. I was really not looking forward to heading out in the snow tomorrow, especially since my last good pair of boots apparently got destroyed when I tripped over my feet and fell in the middle of Union Square the other weekend. Holes in the toes, yes.

Lucky for me, my internship supervisor emailed me a couple hours ago to let me know that everyone in the office has the option of working from home tomorrow, and she's taking advantage of it, so I didn't have to go in if I didn't want to! And, given that she is going to be home, I'm not going in. Instead, I am sitting here watching The Little Couple and painting my nails.

In the last year or 2, I have gotten really into doing my nails, and keep them painted more often than not. I also have come to hate having chipped or damaged nail polish, so I repaint my nails about twice a week most weeks. Yeah, it's kind of an addiction. Coupled with my recent forays into "fancy" nail polish, it's become a pretty serious investment, too. Nine or ten or fifteen bucks a bottle is srs bzns.

I've also become very picky about what nail polish I wear. In fact, a couple months ago I started documenting my nail polishing exploits with my webcam.

Now, I have an archive of what every color looks like on my hand. My nerd side is completely stoked about this, and when I am wondering what color to use next, I can just scroll through photos of my nails in the past. It's like having paint swatches for my fingers. I kind of love it.

And so, I will sit here and allow my nails to dry before I go to sleep and get up to apply to a bunch of jobs. Huuuuuzzahhhh.


  1. I like the blue with the sparkles on the right, what color/brand is it?

  2. It's actually a navy polish with sparkles layered on top of it at the tip. They're both NYC brand!