Thursday, February 4, 2010

LOST: What's on Your TV

There are very few shows that I watch regularly. Sadly, many of them belong in the "daytime-TLC" category due to my status as a student with weird time off during the weekday. If anyone ever needs advice on how to raise 400 children at once or plan a deliciously tacky wedding, let me know. However, there are a few primetime shows that hold my attention, and LOST is one of them.

I have always had a taste for sci-fi, probably because my mother raised me with Star Trek: The Next Generation playing in the background of basically every memory I have. Since then, I've cycled through a few sci-fi fandoms, the longest lasting being, of course, X-Files. I don't think Harry Potter counts as sci-fi, but that was big, too. LOST is its own monster, though, as it seems to have been written SOLELY to fuck with viewers' minds. And so, for the last 5 seasons, the writers have engaged in all sorts of trickery and obstruction, and all without reruns (No, seriously, they don't play reruns because it enrages the fans. We're rabid.).

Tuesday night began the FINAL. SEASON. of the show, a season that was probably outlined long before much of what we've already seen. There was the usual hour-long recap show, and then a 2 hour season premiere that definitely delivered. Last season was frustrating -- it seemed they spent most of the episodes traipsing through the jungle without revealing anything new for much of it -- but if this season continues as the premiere did? I bow at your feet, LOST writers.

LOST is a nerdy-cool sci-fi show. To be really absorbed in it, you've got to be letting your geek flag fly. However, it's still cool enough that most of your friends probably turn off their cell phones from 9-10 on Tuesday nights. And yet, the fandom is ridiculous enough that a quick Google search will turn up all kinds of recipes, crafts, and more conspiracy and theory web sites than you could ever, EVER need, all related to the show and its characters.

It is in that spirit of supreme geekdom that I decided to make some celebratory themed food for the premier: FISH BISCUITS. Fish biscuits were food for the missing Polar Bears on the island a few seasons ago (if you don't watch the show and you're wondering why there are Polar Bears on a tropical island, WATCH THE SHOW) and the became food for humans as well. I wasn't really in the mood for fish-flavored cookies, so I made sugar cookies and put some food coloring in them to get the right coloring.

I freehanded them with a butter knife and a chopstick, but if you want a template, check this out. I used this recipe plus a bit of vanilla for sugar cookies, and added a glob each of red and yellow gel food coloring to the batter.

They came out lookin like the real thing (okay, so using a template and a sharper knife is advisable) but undoubtedly taste much better. I think for the finale I'm gonna cover the labels on beer bottles with Dharma Initiative labels! Woooo Dharma Booze!

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