Thursday, April 1, 2010

Faraway places

Tonight I am dreaming of all the places we could go if we repurposed our wedding budget. Oh, wanderlust, I haz you.
Please note, basically all of these photos come from random sites that aren't really worth checking out. Except the one of Sacre Coeur. Check that link out. Gorgeous.
Chile (via)

The Mayan Riviera (via)

Thailand (via)

Spaaaaaain omg spaaain (via)

Granada... as in the country. (via)

India. India. India. (via)

And, of course, France. Paris. PARIS.  (via)

Okay, so obviously our wedding budget would not allow us to jaunt all over the world and visit all of these places, and there are about a bazillion other places I want to visit of which I am not scouring the web for pictures.  But even one.... sigh.


  1. Those places are beautiful. I'm actually considering honeymooning in Spain too, but probably not until the year following the wedding (since, as you mentioned, it is kind of expensive).

    P.S. I moved my blog. Sorry! I know you have me on your sidebar, so I thought I'd let you know that it's not Four Six Five anymore, it's here: