Thursday, December 3, 2009

Triumphant over the boy.

I spent a lot of time with the guy in that video last night. His voice is actually pretty soothing. My fiance, E, had an interview today for an internship next semester, and decided he wanted to rock a Windsor knot as opposed to his usual half Windsor (who knew tying ties could be so nuanced?). So, for the last week or so, I would occasionally see him reading or watching tutorials about how to tie it, and last night he finally actually got out a tie to practice.

Cut to about 20 minutes later. He's frustrated because he can't tie the damned thing and I am sick of listening to him complain. I go get one of his ties and sit down with the video above. After a few incredibly unsuccessful attempts, I did it! It was sloppy, but it was done! I kept practicing and sooner or later I had it pretty much figured out. Tried to help him learn, watched the tutorial with him, etc., but this is the guy who has trouble fitting a whole load of groceries in the fridge. He's not exactly gifted with spatial reasoning skills.

Finally, he handed over the tie he was planning to wear today (and a sharp tie it is) and, head hung low, asked me to tie it for him and then slip it off without untying it so he could just wear it today. Yes, this happened. He then watched me tie an expert Windsor knot (I believe his words were, "You look like a fifty year old man who's been doing this for 25 years.") without even the aid of my buddy in the video. That's right, kids, I've got it memorized. And this morning, he slipped the tie over his head, neatened it up, and was off to his interview, looking very authoritative with that fat knot. My dad, who taught me to tie his ties when I was about 9, would be so proud.

I kind of wish women wore ties with their professional getups. The tie sections in men's stores are full of bright, shiny colors, and it's like one of those wire MENSA 3D puzzles, except you can actually figure it out without getting out lock cutters.

Generally fabulous!

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