Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh, hey.

I have a blog. Which I stopped writing in due to the upheaval of finishing school, writing my thesis, starting my very first grown up job, and planning (and having!) a wedding.  It's been a very busy 8 months, but with the wedding done and life finally settling back into normalcy, I feel like my thoughts are my own again, my life isn't on public display to be critiqued and picked apart by everyone I know, and therefore I might as well start blogging again.

I tried wedding blogging, but wedding planning was a very difficult process for E and I, and it was hard to contain that process in sweet little succinct blog posts.  Now that the planning is done, I can reflect on what we've learned and encapsulate it better for public consumption. So, for a little while, this will be like a wedding blog, with some regular life thrown in. But that will only be temporary, and then the flowers and organza will subside on this blog as they did in real life.

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